Payment Options
Your monthly subscription includes weekly lessons and participation in the recital. See below for holiday breaks and our policy.

NO lessons on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day Sep 2, 2019, Thanksgiving Recess Nov 25-29, 2019 Winter Recess Dec 23, 2019-Jan 3, 2020 Mid-Year Recess Feb 17-21, 2020 Spring Recess Apr 13-17


  1. There are no make-up lessons if you need to miss your lesson timing, but you may give your lesson to a friend, or switch timings with another student pending teacher approval.
  2. Missed lessons do not carry over from month to month.
  3.  Billing occurs monthly, starting on the day you subscribe.
  4. We only accept payments online. No cash or checks please.
  5. Please give one months notice to change lesson timing or to unsubscribe.
  6. In order to stay enrolled and not incur a 50 dollar re-enrollment fee, students must register for at least 10 out of 12 months per year.
  7. Lesson timings are not guaranteed to be held or reserved for student not currently enrolled.
  8. New students must study at CMA for at least four months before playing their first recital.
  9. Teachers on rare occasions may request a make-up lesson or lessons. If a teacher becomes ill or unavailable to teach, we will find a suitable replacement teacher for that lesson or period of lessons.
  10. Teachers may provide books/studio course packs and should be reimbursed. Teachers may ask students to purchase needed supplies.
  11. Students should strive to purchase a quality instrument.
  12. Pianists must purchase a piano or 88-key 'weighted' keyboard.
  13. Students must register online to play in recital.


We prepare students for various piano testing programs. Please contact us for special music competitions, judging, or piano evaluations. Students must be registered for 45 minute weekly lessons to be registered in outside competitions.