Patrick Talesfore, Jr

Patrick Talesfore, Jr. is a drum set artist from Sunnyvale, California. He has studied and performed on the drums for most of his life with the opportunity to further his education under the tutelage of many great teachers including Jason Wall, Wally Schnalle, George Marsh, Anthony Cirone, Kenwood Dennard, Henrique De Almeida, & Sergio Bellotti. As a child he focused on the music programs his high school had to offer and playing out in the Bay Area with an array of bands ranging from Jazz, Punk Rock, Funk, Rockabilly, and Blues. As an adult, he lived in Boston, Massachusetts, toured the United States and Canada with a few different established bands, traveled as a drum instructor for Camp Jam Co. to San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., and Hartford, recorded for multiple independent releases, freelanced as a private instructor, and all the while earned a Bachelors Degree in Performance from the Berklee College of Music.

As a teacher, Patrick focuses on Technique, Efficiency, and Creativity. Through years of study along with his experience onstage, Patrick has been constructing and deconstructing what it takes to be an exemplary modern drummer equipped to enhance any musical situation. His ultimate goal is passing this information on for future study, keeping the tradition of drumming alive.

Patrick’s style has been described as "apocalyptic” and at the same time, “cognizant, deliberate, and musical" or "like facing a life or death moment: Passion personified". His ambitions are eclectic as he aims to contribute to the Avant-Garde, Experimental, and Improvisational tradition just as much as he wishes to celebrate the Rock ’N’ Roll underground from which he forged an identity. For the past few years Patrick has been working on exhibiting improvisations and conceptual performance-based music for drum set along with focusing on his electro-acoustic, bass clarinet and drums duo, Space Devil Rest in Peace. Since 2009, Patrick has played, performed, recorded or toured with Wayne Arms, Cerce, Fall Risk, lovechild, Burglary Years, Space Devil RIP, infant, Nishad George, Dylan Ewen, Sander Bryce, Alex Garcia-Rivera, Laura Rizotto, Liv Gibson, Miles Schon, I Kill Giants, Boston’s Live Band Emo/Pop-Punk Karaoke, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Chris 'Cmar' Martin (Hostage Calm, Fightsong), The DeAnza Daddios Big Band, Franklin Biviano (Buddy Rich Big Band), Phil Bennett (Jefferson Starship), Kareem Devlin (Lady Gaga), Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers Band), Ernie Isley of The Isley Brothers and many others...

In his spare time, Patrick enjoys skateboarding, swimming, reading, and making art or anything allowing complete creative freedom.