Music Lessons

“Music can change the world because it can change people.”


Cupertino Music Academy provides piano, organ, voice, flute, violin, brass and woodwind lessons at Union Church. Every student is given lessons in theory, harmony, rhythm and sight-reading. We recommend that all students start with at least one year of piano before switching to another instrument. 


The Cupertino Music Academy offers music lessons for all ages and abilities. We recommend waiting until students are in 4th grade to start playing wind instruments. We teach trumpet, trombone, french horn, tuba, as well as saxophone, piano, violin, flute, and other non-brass instruments.

Voice Lessons

There are many opportunities to sing at Cupertino Music Academy.  From the church youth choir to the adult choir, we have a choir for you. Students will all learn to read and sing Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass notation (or SATB). 

Piano & Music Appreciation

Piano lessons cover the largest range of notes, from bass to treble clef, and is capable of producing melody and harmony notes at the same time. The music appreciation class offers students the opportunity to sing, dance, play percussion instruments and learn about the history of music.

Guitar, Drums & Rock Band

Learning guitar or drums is fun, and with the right lessons you can become a great guitar player or a drummer. However, to be successful it's important to pick the right learning method and stay focused. Rock band is for intermediate to advanced musicians.