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Golf Lessons in San Jose, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Los Altos, San Francisco, and The Bay Area

Have you always wanted to become a better golfer but have trouble lowering your score? Do you struggle to hit the ball consistently close to the green, or struggle to make putts? It is time to find the swing, put in some hours on the range, and learn to enjoy the wonderful game of golf!

Golf Instruction with Ross

Ross has been an avid golfer and instructor for over 20 years. He can teach beginners and players with limited flexibility or modified swings. He was the 2002 Club Champion at Holland Country Club and in 2022 passed the PAT golf examination with scores of 72-73 at San Jose Muni. Ross is a friendly and patient coach who will help you to improve your game. Guaranteed!

Golf Lesson Packages

Lessons are 1 hour long and consisting of range, short game area and putting areas. There is a travel fee for courses outside the SF Bay Area.

Single Lesson


Includes one Hour Long Class

1 hr session

Hit Drivers

Smooth Irons

Perfect the Short Game

Group of 4 Lessons


Weekly Lessons

Best for General Upkeep

1 hr session



Course Management

Group of 10 Lessons


Best Package Deal

1 hr session



Playing Lessons

Picture Gallery

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