David Wong

Dave was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He has loved math since he was in elementary school. He moved to San Francisco when he was in junior high. He went to Lowell High School, a San Francisco college preparatory school, where he tutored fellow students on algebra, geometry and trigonometry.
He then went to UC Berkeley where he was hired as a peer math tutor at the Learning Center tutoring students on algebra, basic statistics and calculus. One of his proudest achievements was when one of the students he tutored became a tutor.
Since graduation he has tutored in various places. He volunteered as a Math/English tutor through the Atlas Literacy Program in Sunnyvale to tutor adults and children in basic math and English. He also volunteered as a math tutor at Mountain View High School. Recently he has been tutoring algebra, pre-algebra and geometry to middle school students.
Altogether, he has over 10 years tutoring experience from elementary school to college. His goal is to understand the student strengths and weaknesses and help him/her not only to improve but to develop a love for math.
As a kid he loved to do brain teasers and games such as "Soma" and these days, he loves to do Sudoku. He also likes to golf and do yoga/pilates as well as hike.
He has a BS, an EECS and a MBA degree from UC Berkeley.